Our mission is to create a lasting impression in our American Heart Association CPR students, enabling them to react quickly in an emergency. Our knowledge and methods of instruction are what sets CSPC apart from other AHA Instruction Facilities. We are currently in the process of designing and accrediting our EMT program, which will expect to be open to students by mid-2019. Our unique methods of teaching and our state-of-the-art facility will also set our new EMT program apart from all others.

         CSPC will create competent, highly trained emergency medical technicians. CSPC graduates will pass the National Registry Exam without difficulty.  We will assist our graduates in achieving this goal by including career advice throughout the program, as well as hosting guest speakers from police departments, fire departments, and American Medical Response.

         Additionally, CSPC EMT's will learn how to assist paramedics during their classroom and skills training efficiently. It is these unique features that motivated our team to start an EMT program at CSPC. The staff at CSPC agreed that most EMT programs do not cover the fundamental aspects of a "real life" EMT career, specifically assisting paramedics with ALS care. An EMTs role in aiding paramedics has become extremely important in the last couple decade, yet is rarely incorporated in EMT Programs.